Tire ST175/80D13 LRC 5H LoadStar Galv

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About this Product

Load Range: C (6 ply)
Capacity: 1360lbs.
Overall Diameter: 24"
Maximum PSI: 50
Rim Finish: Galv
Rim Style: Spoke
Rim Size: 13x4
Lug Pattern: 5 Lug on 4.5"

The Tire ST175/80D13 LRC 5H LoadStar Galv is designed for reliability and durability on various road surfaces, specifically crafted for trailer use. It boasts a Load Range C (LRC) rating, indicating a strong carrying capacity suitable for trailers and utility vehicles. The "5H" designation signifies compatibility with 5-lug wheel hubs, ensuring easy installation on standard trailer wheels. Its galvanized steel construction enhances resistance to rust and corrosion, making it particularly suitable for trailers exposed to diverse weather conditions. This tire model is recognized for its stability, traction, and overall performance, providing secure towing and peace of mind for users.

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