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  1. Boat Shows: A Beginner's Guide

    A good boat show combines the elements of a convention, a reunion, a swap meet, and a treasure hunt all in one event. They can be big or small but they all share one key element: lots of boats, accessories, and information, all in one place filled with people like you who love being on the water.

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    Beginner’s Boat Show Guide

  2. 2022 New Year's Resolution Ideas for Boaters

    Another New Year is upon us and this is the perfect time to set your intentions for the upcoming boating season.

    Are you going to get out on the water more?

    Are you going to purchase new safety equipment to have the safest season possible?

    Are you going to invest in new gear, or possibly a new boat, and show up at the marina like #newboatwhodis?

    Regardless of what resolutions you choose, Discover Boating has two really important ones that you need to make sure you have checked off your list.

    Click the link below to read their list of resolution ideas.

    New Year’s Resolution Ideas For Boaters


  3. Boat Trailer Laws, Rules & Regulations

    The laws regulating the private use of trailers, including trailered boats, are determined by each state, and there are some key differences in those regulations state-to-state. Your first step should be to research the laws for your state and any other states in which you may be towing your boat. This information is available from your state department of transportation.

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    Boat Trailer Laws, Rules & Regulations