Tire 20.5 x 8 x 10 LRC 5H Eco-Trail Galv

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About this Product

Load Range: C (6 ply)
Capacity: 1105lbs.
Overall Diameter: 20.5"
Maximum PSI: 50
Rim Finish: Galvanized
Rim Style: Conventional Modular
Lug Pattern: 5 Lug on 4.5"

The Eco-Trail ST Bias features an innovative tread design that mimics the appearance and footprint of a radial tire. Engineered to comply with RoHS regulations, it limits or eliminates hazardous substances harmful to the environment and people. The Eco-Trail ST combines practicality with performance, handling the high loads and rigorous demands of an ST tire.

*Modern tread design
*Reinforced square shoulder tread for optimal road contact
*RoHS compliance (reduces or eliminates mercury, hexavalent chromium, lead, cadmium, PBB, and PBDE) in rubber compounding
*Variable tread pitch for reduced road noise https://www.tredittire.com/guarantees-simplified/

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