Boat Trailer Accessories

Give your trailer the upgrade it deserves. Our boat trailer upgrades are designed to improve your trailer’s capabilities and dependability, making your boating experience even more enjoyable. Our team can help you design your trailer and have it custom-built to suit your watercraft needs. Learn more below about our customization options for your new Venture Trailer.

Upgrade Options

Aluminum WheelsAluminum Wheels

Aluminum wheels give your trailer a sporty look and are available as an upgrade on all models.



Dual Wheel Tongue JackDual Wheel Tongue Jack

For heavier loads and additional manageability, the dual wheel tongue jack will make unhitched maneuverability easier.



Electric BrakesElectric over Hydraulic Brakes

If you’re looking for a hydraulic brake alternative, this is a great upgrade option.



DiscBrakesG5 Stainless Steel Brakes

For those looking for a disc brake upgrade they can get stainless steel brakes.



Keel Rollers
Keel Rollers

Suitable to brace the added weight of heavier boats.



LED Lights

LED lights offer a significant safety performance benefit when used in automotive signaling: when power is applied, they rise to full intensity about 200 milliseconds faster than incandescent bulbs. This fast rise time makes the signal more readily visible, providing drivers following behind with additional time to react.


Poly Bunk Covers

This polyurethane material covers the bunks and allows the boat to easily slide on and off the trailer.



PVC Load Guides

Load guides are an optional accessory that make it easier to center the boat on the trailer during loading. They are particularly helpful if you do a lot of launching or loading in windy conditions or river currents.


Spare TireSpare Tires

Spare tires are a necessity for all trailer owners and come in a variety of tire and wheel assemblies.



Spare Tire BracketSpare Tire Brackets

We offer three different bracket sizes that fit from a 2×3 to a 3×5 frame size.



Stainless Steel HardwareStainless Steel Hardware

For those looking for a premium feature, upgrade to stainless steel hardware as it provides longer salt spray testing, making it superior in corrosion resistance.



Swing TongueSwing Tongue

A swing tongue allows the front of the trailer (the tongue) to swing backward, which decreases the overall length of the trailer. This allows it to fit in small spaces such as a garage.



Target BunksTarget Bunks

Additional set of bunks located in the front of the trailer to assist with loading and launching and to protect the keel of your boat.



Torsion AxelsTorsion Axles

For those looking for an alternative suspension option, torsion axles require less maintenance.



Optional Tongue LengthsOptional Tongue Lengths

We have a variety of tongue lengths available to get a better fit for your boat and trailer.



Tongue JacksTongue Jacks

Attaches to the trailer tongue, making it much easier to move the trailer around when it is not attached to the tow vehicle.



Windlass Bow StopWindlass Bow Stop

Useful as a forward bow stop for boats with a bow pulpit or windlass bow anchor that could interfere with the normal operation of the winch stand.