Actuator Disc Brake w/ Solenoid 16,500lb {Tie Down Model 165}

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About this Product

Capacity 16,500lbs., Ball Size 2 5/16", fits 3x4, 3x5 frame 9 ga minimum, reverse lock out solenoid, zinc finish
For trailers equipped with disc brakes. The 16.5K model comes with the solenoid plumbing built into the master cylinder. This unique feature eliminates the following:
*Removal of entire solenoid for servicing
*Removal of brake hose
*Removal of actuator housing
*Removal of actuator unit from the trailer tongue
The patented all aluminum master cylinder incorporates the shock absorber into the master cylinder assembly. This exclusive product feature was designed into the master cylinder in order to provide the tow vehicle operator with an early warning signal when the brake fluid is at a low level. Tie Down's oversized master cylinder provides the pressure required to run disc brakes and the added brake fluid volume to run multi-axle configurations. Other features of Tie Down actuators:
*Pre-charged Dampener Unit (no longer will you be required to pump the dampener first before bleeding the brakes)
*Grease Fittings on Roller Pins (you can grease rollers easily, longer life, and better operation)
*Coiled E-Stop Cable (PVC coated and corrosion resistant)
*Larger Fill Cap on Master Cylinder (easy to remove and easier to add brake fluid)
*Cast Steel Ball Clamp (Stronger than stamped steel)

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