Cupid’s Gift Guide: Boater Edition 2022


Cupid's Gift Guide Boaters Edition 2022


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and if the boater in your life already has everything under the sun then put on some shades and get ready for us to bring some bright gift-giving ideas your way.

10-In-One Boat Gadget

10-In-One Boat Gadget

Has your Valentine ever been on the water and said “Man, I wish I had ____ tool with me. That would make this a lot easier!”. If you get your Valentine this Boat Tool they won’t have to choose between space or bringing all the tools needed.

This 10 in one tool allows you to have most of the necessary tools for a boat in one handy compact device. Drain plug wrench, safety whistle, deck gas cap key, flip-top gas cap crank, flat top drain plug tool, and more all in one compact device that your Valentine can easily grab and use. We found this one on Amazon but there are other tools like this on other boat-specific websites.

Docktail Bar Cutting Board 

 Docktail Bar Cutting Board

If you followed our Holiday Gift Guide and purchased the boater in your life the Docktail Butler Marine Food & Cocktail Table then these two gifts will be the perfect encore for your Valentine. 

This cutting board fits right into one of the holes on the Butler Table and allows for a compact space for your prepping needs. 

Bar Accessories (Towel & Corkscrew)

Bar Accessories (Towel & Corkscrew)

To help keep the party going and fight all the drips and spills that tend to happen when you’re on a boat you’re definitely going to want to get this Towel and Bottle Opener Accessory Pack. These two items clip perfectly onto the Bar Table and stay out of the way without falling on the boat deck or worse falling in the water. 

Magma Marine Grill

Magma Marine Grill

Does the boater in your life love to grill? If so, this grill will definitely bring some smiles to your Valentine’s face!

Good food and good times on the water – what more could you ask for? If you’re going to ask for warmer weather we wish we could help!

LED Strip Lights 

Led Strip Lights Boat Lights

Want a way to instantly light up more than your Valentine’s face?

Then you need to purchase LED lights

LED light strips are a great way to light up your Valentine’s face and boat. This gift pulls double duty with keeping fun and safety while on the boat in mind. They’re easy to install and will be a great addition to any night cruises. 

LED Trailer Lights

LED Lights

LED trailer lights are an instant safety upgrade that any boater will appreciate.

LEDs offer a significant safety advantage when used on your trailer because when every second counts they rise to full intensity about 200 milliseconds faster than incandescent bulbs. This fast rise time makes the signal more readily visible and provides drivers following behind with additional time to react. There are several different options for LED lights and you can get them off of our website. 

Funny Shirts

Funny Boat Shirt

We all say things from time to time that we don’t mean. When we’re driving. When we’re hungry and your boater in your life has probably said some not-so-nice things from time to time when docking the boat.

It’s ok, we’re all human but now you can remind the boater in your life about that one time when they were docking the boat and they said something they shouldn’t have. If this is the boater in your life then this shirt is a must on your Valentine’s Day purchase list.

Load Guides

Boat Trailer Load Guide

Loading and unloading your boat is an art form. If you have a boater in your life that hasn’t quite perfected the art of loading and unloading their boat then you’ll want to make sure Cupid surprises your Valentine with a pair. 

Load guides are not only boat savers but they also save the boat owner from embarrassment at the marina.

Load guides come in several different sizes and you can order them right off of our website!


Did Cupid hit the bullseye with any of these gifts on this list for your boater? If so, take a pic and either send it to us over Facebook Messenger or Instagram Messenger. We would love to feature you, your boat, and Venture Trailer!


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