What is the difference between ST and LT tires?

Tires on boat trailers have to be ST tires which stands for Special Tire. ST tires are designed specifically for boat, car and utility trailers. They are built to carry heavy loads on non-powered axles and are rated for a maximum speed of 65mph. Their stiff sidewalls help prevent your boat/trailer towing package from swaying. All ST tires feature materials and construction designed to meet the higher load requirements and demands trailer towing presents. ST tires have some of the highest load ratings. This is one of the reasons they are designated for use on trailers. Truck and automobile tires do not have to withstand the weight and stress that is put on trailer tires.


LT stands for Light Truck Tire. They are designed for exactly what its name implies such as SUVs, vans or pick-ups. LT tires do not have a thicker sidewall as ST tires. Thicker sidewalls are essential for ensuring that the tire will be able to handle a higher amount of vertical load. LT are rated for


Venture Tip: Never substitute light truck (LT) or passenger (P) tires for trailer tires.