What can cause a tire blowout?

Most tire blowouts are not a result of a bad tire which one may think. There are 3 conditions that can cause a tire blowout.



  • Overloaded tires. Every tire manufactured has a load rating based on the tire inflation pressure. A tire’s maximum load is the most weight the tire is designed to support at the inflated pressure. It's important not to exceed the maximum listed load, as additional weight will put stress on the tire.
  • Under inflated or Over inflated tires. Failure to maintain the correct tire pressure for the load can result in fast tread wear, uneven wear and poor handling which can all lead to tire failure. If a tire were under inflated, this would cause excessive heat build up on the side wall. The appearance of the tire can look normal on the outside, but the internal damage is not visible. Tires with internal damage caused by under- inflation can fail catastrophically without warning. We recommend inflating the tires to the maximum ‘cold’ pressure found on the tires sidewall if you don’t know the exact load on the tires, or the exact weight of the trailer. If a tire is over inflated, it will wear more in the center of the tread, all the way around the tire. If a tire is under-inflated, it will wear on the outside edges of the tread, all the way around the tire.



**Remember, the load rating for a tire is only accurate if the tire is properly inflated for the load.


  • Improper weight distribution. It's important to distribute the weight on your trailer so that a disproportionate amount of weight is not causing too much stress to an individual tire.