What are the advantages of disc brakes over drum brakes?

  • Fewer moving parts. Compare the caliper with one moving part, to a drum brake, with between 9 and 12 moving parts.
  • Longer life due to fewer moving parts and more effective heat dissipation.
  • Friction pads are easily accessible for replacement or inspection.
  • Easy access to caliper for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Entire caliper can be removed for maintenance without removing rotor and hub. (Kodiak‚Äôs caliper components can be replaced at any automotive parts store stocking GM replacement parts.)
  • Entire rotor can be removed for maintenance* without removing hub.
  • Calipers are self-adjusting to eliminate unequal braking from one side to the other, resulting in smoother braking. Brake adjustment headaches are eliminated.
  • Braking performance is less likely to be affected by dirt, water, or rust contamination.
  • Much less sensitive to premature lock-up or wheel skid than corresponding uni-servo or duo-servo hydraulically operated drum brakes, or electrically operated drum brakes.
  • Fade resistant.
  • Disc brakes represent a better value to the consumer in that they have a lower owning cost over the expected life of the trailer.