How do I determine the correct capacity trailer for my boat?

A: You must start with the exact length of your boat, measured horizontally from the bow eye to the drain plug. Figure out the beam of your boat. These dimensions will determine the length and width capacity of your trailer.

After you do this you will need the dry hull weight, weight of any outboard motor, fuel capacity, water capacity and batteries, and T-top or hard top, if applicable. You multiply fuel by 6.1 pounds per gallon and water by 8.3 pounds per gallon. You then must add all of these together and multiply the total number by 1.1 for a 10% gear (coolers, food, electronics, etc.) allowance. This number will establish the weight capacity of the trailer you need. Always go to the next heavier available model. Use the helpful Weight Calculator tool we have on our website located hereĀ