I have a Demco EZ-Latch coupler. How do I hook and unhook my trailer to my tow vehicle?

To couple your trailer to the tow vehicle:

  • Position the coupler over the proper sized hitch ball, 2" or 2-5/16"
  • The lever lock or the nylon handle should be in the down position

*(if you are using a lock or pin, please remove them)

  • Lower the coupler onto the ball by hand or by lowering the jack.

The tongue weight will then allow the internal parts to move upward until clearing the largest part of the ball. The mechanism then slides downward, capturing the ball.

  • Crisscross the safety chains
  • Plug in electrical connection and check lights for safety

To decouple from the tow vehicle:

  • *Remove pin or lock
  • Raise the handle (either style)
  • Raise the tongue by hand or with jack until ball clears the coupler.
  • Disconnect safety chains and electrical connection

*Demco eZ-Latch couplers are rated and tested without the use of a safety pin or lock and are not required for safe operation.

eZ-Latch Bulletin