How do I install a back flow style brake solenoid?

Vehicle Wiring Directions

  1. Disconnect trailer hitch and any wiring connectors from the vehicle.
  2. Connect a 14 gauge wire to the backup (reverse) light wire of the vehicle. This wire should be of sufficient length to attach to the existing vehicle/trailer wire receptacle. The end of this wire will require a female end that will match the solenoid male connector wire.
  3. For ease of use, tape or band the end of the reverse light wire to the vehicle's trailer electrical connector.

Solenoid Installation Directions

Caution: Brake fluid can cause damage to painted areas. Use a cloth rag under the actuator/brake line connection to collect any spilled brake fluid.

The Back Flow model can only be used with actuators designed for back flow solenoids. Master cylinder must have a pre-drilled and tapped hole that provides a return flow of brake fluid. All Tie Down model actuators have this provision. The instructions and pictures refer to Tie Down Actuators.


  1. Remove the brake line and pipe fitting (if so equipped) from the rear of the actuator/master cylinder.
  2. Remove the brass plug from the master cylinder that is in the upper right hand corner of the rear of the master cylinder.
  3. Screw in the actuator inlet fitting into the “return inlet” until tight. Use a liquid type thread sealant, be careful not to allow sealant to block fluid movement.
  4. Attach the small short hose to the inlet fitting. Band the tube to the fitting with a cable tie, cutting off excess tie after tightening.
  5. Screw the solenoid valve into the master cylinder where the brake line was removed. Use a thread sealant making sure not to place near the end of the threads so as not to obstruct fluid flow. “Finished” position of the solenoid should be as pictured.
  6. Attach the other end of the small tube to the solenoid as shown. Tie band with cable tie provided. Cut off excess cable tie.
  7. Attach brake line to solenoid. Do not use thread sealant on this connection.
  8. Bleed brakes according to brake and actuator manufacturer’s instructions.
  9. Install electrical wire from solenoid to the reverse lights of the tow vehicle.
  10. Test vehicle in a protected area before traveling on streets or highways

Solenoid Back Flow Style Installation