Target Bunk Hardware Kit - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel

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About this Product

The kit includes:
(8) Ubolts 1/2-13x3.06x4.31 Square Stainless Steel
(4) Hex Cap Screw 1/2"-13x3-1/4" Stainless STeel
(8) Hex Cap Screw 1/2"-13x3/4"
(16) Hex Head Lag Screw 5/16"-9x1-1/2" Zinc
(16) Flat Washer Steel USS 1/4"x0.734"OD Hot Dipped Galvanized
(24) Flat Washer Steel USS 1/2"x1.375"OD Stainless Steel
(20) Loc Nut Nylon Insert 1/2"-13 Stainless Steel
(8) Flange Nut Zinc 1/2-13
(4)Target Bunk Support Tube 2.0"x2.0"x12"
(8) Bunk Swivel Bracket 3.50"; (.53 center hole diameter)
(4) Bracket Channel 2.0" with Hex 5"x5"

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