Hub 5-Bolt 1750lb. VORTEX GALVX Kit

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About this Product

Galvx finish. Kit includes 5-bolt hub, 1 3/8 & 1 1/16" bearings, triple lip grease seal, threaded dust cap with o-ring, zerk fitting, cotter pin and lug nuts.

Bolt circle: 5 on 4.5"
HIGH PERFORMANCE 100,000 MILE LUBRICATION SYSTEM With LUCAS OILPremium Marine Grease, A Lithium Complex Fortified Grease with Rust and Oxidation Inhibitors, High Pressure Additives That Provide a High Degree of Water Resistance and Washout Properties
•100,000 mile or 6 year limited warranty (Six year full replacement on hub and bearings) •"No Touch" lubrication system
•No maintenance/service for lower operating costs •No need for periodic re-greasing or inspection
•Reusable dust cap is threaded for easy removal should the need occur.

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