Meet a member of the Venture Trailers family.

As a family-owned and operated company, we think our employees are pretty special.

Patty Rossi

Parts Dept. Manager

What do you love about working at Venture Trailers?

It’s just a brilliant joy working here. I love working with our customers and dealers. I work alongside Susan, Kirsten and Helen and they are great teammates. Also, I never knew anything about trailers before and now I’m learning new things every day!

What are your key responsibilities as Parts Department Manager?

I help customers find the correct parts for their trailers. There are a lot of old models of trailers that people still need parts for and I make sure we stock those to help our customers get exactly what they need.

Tell us a little about yourself.

I grew up in Baltimore and lived most of my life in Maryland. My father was in the service so I have traveled to places like Germany and other various parts of the US. When he retired we decided Maryland would be our home. Now, I live just 5 miles from the office. I like to fish, swim and I love being at the beach.

If you were a boat, what kind of boat would you be?

A sailboat. It’s all open and calm. After a stressful day, I like to picture being on a sailboat and relaxing.

What has changed since you joined the Venture Trailers team 7 years ago?

Since I have joined, my team has grown. There’s more of us and with that, that process has grown. We are constantly developing new systems and becoming more efficient in everything we do.

What makes Venture Trailers unique?

Where our competitors are more online, we strive to keep things more personal so customers and dealers feel like they can always call on us when they have a question or need anything. We work hard to make sure our customers feel valued and that we can help them find what they need.