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Dust Cap Installation

Installation is quick and easy but bearings should be cleaned and replaced before installation of the protectors. Questionable bearings should be replaced, and new seals installed.

After replacing bearings and wheel, clean the hub bore using solvent and a clean rag. Use a short length of 2x4 to avoid damaging the bearing protector, place the wood flat against the dust cap and tap the wood/protector into the hub with a hammer. Alternate blows around the end to keep unit square until sealed. Make sure it seats fully; you'll notice a different tone in the sound
of the hammer blows when it does.

SUPER LUBE Hubs have a grease fitting on the rear of the hub. Remove center rubber plug on dust cap. Connect grease gun to the grease fitting. Pump grease until clear clean grease comes out of plug hole. Clean excess grease around rubber fitting and dust cap. Replace rubber plug.