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Installation Instructions for Vented Disc Brakes*

Instruction sheet part # 15382 Revised 5/11/06
Installation Instructions for
Brand Vented Disc Brakes
*A "DISC BRAKE READY" Actuator must be used with these brakes.
steps 1-4steps5-6
1. On a bare axle attach mounting plate to the brake flanges on the axle. Preferred position is at "12:00" high or to the back side. Exact positioning will be determined by the brake flange. Use 7/16"x1-1/4" zinc hex bolts, lock nuts/washers and torque to 40 lbs.

2. If installation is on a completed trailer, remove tire/wheel. This would be a good time to repack wheel bearings and inspect the bearing and seals if it has not been done recently.

3. Install hub (use existing instruction on installing hubs).

4. Place cap style rotor over hub. Make sure the hub face is clean with a smooth surface or:

4a. If installing a integral or "one piece hub rotor", install rear bearing and seal. Grease bearings, install front bearings (use existing instruction on installing hubs).

5. Place caliper over rotor and mounting plate. A bleeder valve must be in the up position. Check both calipers for this position. Some calipers have two valves others have only one.

6. Insert slider pins thru backside of rotor into mounting plate. Use a 7/16" hex socket and tighten both pins to 20 ft. lbs. Check for binding, make sure rotor spins freely.

NOTE: Slider pins have a lock-thread coating. If pins are removed after step 6, the threads must be cleaned and a new coat of "permanent" Lock Tite® must be applied. Apply Lock Tite® to threads in mounting plate. Be careful not to get Lock Tite® on slider pins or bushings
step 7